The Australian lasun orchidndscape has evolved under a natural and cultural regime of fire. Bushfire continues to be a natural disturbance which is critical for the survival of many of our plants and animals. It is when bushfire interacts with society that disasters can result. From a human perspective, bushfire is one of Australia's most frequent and devastating natural hazards.

The Bushfire Program arose to "ensure that all Bushfire Management activity is ecologically sustainable while protecting life and property". The program has been actively involved in fire management, bushfire education and advocacy for sustainable land policy since 1979.

Since the passing of the Rural Fires Act 1997, NCC has had statuatory rights to appoint conservation representatives to the Bush Fire Coordinating Committee (BFCC) and Rural Fire Service Advisory Committee (RFSAC), as well as to the 67 Bush Fire Management Committees (BFMCs) around NSW. The Bush Fire Advisory Committee (BFAC) provides strategic and technical advice to the NCC Bushfire Program.

Knowledge exchange and the dissemination of peer-reviewed science is a critical component of sound environmental management. We regularly run workshops, conferences and forums to help people and organisations get together to discuss bushfire and conservation issues.

The Bushfire Program also reviews policy and provides advice on ecologically sustainable fire management. Please contact us if there are any issues in your area that you would like to discuss.

Bushfire Conference 2013


9th Biennial Bushfire Conference 4-5 June 2013            

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Bushfire Representatives

We need you as a representative!

Reps retreat BundeenaNCC is seeking expressions of interest from people wanting to become a representative on their local Bush Fire Management Committee. Many representatives have backgrounds in biological science, conservation, bush regeneration, landcare and environmental community groups.

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Conferences and Workshops

  • Preparing for Fire in Waterfall Workshop Saturday 12 May 2012
  • Outcomes from the Eighth Biennial Bushfire Conference June 2011
  • Outcomes from the Renewal After Fire in Canberra Workshop February 2011 


Information about the new Fire and Biodiversity Program



Enhancing Hazard Reduction in NSW Discussion Paper Under Review

The NSW Government established the Independent Hazard Reduction Panel to review the hazard reduction programme in NSW and to provide recommendations to the Ministry for Police and Emergency Services on potential enhancements.                               

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