Tens of thousands will take to Sydney streets next month calling for climate action

With world leaders discussing a global deal on climate change in Copenhagen from next week, the Nature Conservation Council is expecting a record number of people to attend Walk Against Warming on Saturday 12 December.

“While our global leaders talk the talk at Copenhagen, we’re walking the walk all over the world as a call for strong leadership and tough, swift action from our governments to deal with the climate crisis,” Cate Faehrmann, event organiser and executive director of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, said today.

“Held on the International Day of Climate Action mid-way through the Copenhagen Climate Summit, Walk Against Warming will give the community its say on how negotiations are progressing and send a clear message of support for an effective global climate framework.

“Already nearly a thousand people have pledged to attend the event and, with more than four weeks to go, numbers are expected to rise significantly.

“We must make it clear to governments that when it comes to a safe climate for our children’s future, half-measures are unacceptable.

“This means kick-starting a green economy now and reducing greenhouse pollution to the levels that the science is telling us is necessary, not just to the levels the big polluters can accept. The levels of carbon pollution big industry is telling Prime Minister Kevin Rudd they can accept are levels which will ultimately destroy the environment as we know it.

“We need as many people as possible marching out on the streets to make sure our leaders take notice and commit to strong climate action,” Ms Faehrmann said.

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