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The Nature Conservation Council of NSW (NCC) represents the interest of the environment on more than 100 committees across NSW. We are also represented on national and international committees.

The formality of the appointment varies. Some committees are set up through specific legislation and NCC has a legal right to be represented on the committee. Other committees require a representative of conservation or environmental issues. As the peak environment organisation for NSW, NCC is acknowledged as an appropriate nominator of such representatives.

Some individuals may be nominated to represent environmental interests, but not to represent the interests of NCC. In this case they are considered NCC nominees rather than NCC representatives.

Occasionally nominations are made jointly with other organisations such as the National Parks Association of NSW. The committees that we are represented on are listed in each Annual Report. Vacancies are advertised below and applications are considered at the monthly Executive Committee meetings. You can view also view the NCC Nominations Protocols.


NCC is currently advertising the below positions:


Expressions of Interest for NCC nominees to the Australian Committee for IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) (ACIUCN)

The NCC Chief Executive Officer is currently the primary NCC representative on the AC-IUCN, and has been elected AC-IUCN Chair for 2014-15. 

We are now inviting expressions of interest for a second representative to attend AC-IUCN meetings as a non-voting delegate, and as an alternate for our voting delegate in his absence.  

The Australian Committee for IUCN Inc. (ACIUCN) was founded in 1979 to provide a focus for Australian member organisations of IUCN and organisations with primary interests or responsibilities in nature conservation to support IUCN’s global mission for ‘a just world which values nature’ within Australia.

ACIUCN’s objects under the Amended 2013 Constitution are:

➢4(1) To achieve the purposes of the Committee by:

➢(a) facilitating communication, exchange of information and development of views amongst Australian members of IUCN and IUCN Commissions, and between IUCN and Australian members;

➢(b) fostering co-operation and co-ordination in conserving the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable;

➢(c) facilitating the involvement of Australian members of IUCN and of IUCN Commissions in the development and implementation of IUCN policies and programmes;

➢(d) stimulating and fostering the use of scientific, legal, economic and other expertise, professional skills, practical experience, research and resources of government and voluntary bodies to further nature conservation;

➢(e) contributing to international conservation activities with special reference to the Oceania Region;

➢(f) expanding membership of IUCN and ACIUCN

➢(g) doing all such other things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of these objects.

The representative will be required to go to one annual Committee meeting in Sydney and will have the opportunity to become involved in additional activities of the Committee.

To apply to be NCC's alternate representative on the ACIUCN please complete the attached application form and email it along with your CV and any other relevant information to by 5pm, Friday 25th April 2014.

2013 NCC Reps Application Form.doc143.5 KB

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