The NSW marine environment is home to rich marine life including majestic sea turtles, powerful whales, colourful reef fish, diverse kelp forests and abundant rocky reefs. A unique mixing of coastal currents off our coast means that about 80% of our marine plants and animals are found only in Australia.
Opposition to mining and gas extraction in NSW is growing as the industry expands and its impacts are better understood.
Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
NSW Uranium Free Charter New South Wales is at a crossroads in relation to uranium exploration and mining. The current push to allow uranium exploration is a direct threat to workers' safety and the long-term health of our environment and communities. As history shows, uranium mining makes little economic sense and leaves a lasting radioactive legacy.
NSW could move rapidly towards becoming a waste free society, where waste products are effectively collected and re‐used to produce other necessary goods. Many residents are eager to dispose of waste products ethically and to know they are contributing to a solution rather than a problem. There is also increasing consumer demand for products made from recycled materials.
Climate change is a serious threat to our environment and the economy. All levels of government in Australia must take real action to dramatically decrease greenhouse gas pollution. Taking action to reduce carbon pollution offers exciting opportunities for modernising the energy sector by encouraging innovative technology development, new investment and the realisation of future-thinking energy supply and demand options.
In NSW, the overwhelming majority of logged native forest ends up as low-value woodchips, with small amounts of value adding and high levels of controversy. Native forests provide far greater value for their ecosystem services and long‐term carbon storage. As we move towards a low carbon economy, our naturally carbon dense native forests will become increasingly valuable.
One of the best investments NSW can make is the protection of nature. Healthy, natural ecosystems provide billions of dollars worth of goods and services essential for the wellbeing of local communities and businesses in NSW. From erosion control and flood mitigation to clean water and fresh fish, natural ecosystems underpin the social and economic fabric of this state.
Rivers and wetlands in NSW are under critical stress due to a history of unsustainable water extraction. The Murray Darling Basin has lost 90% of its wetlands and native fish populations, and 80% of its waterbird populations and River Red Gums.

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